RO & JO Bags and Accessories

Incredible, unique, functional  art!

‘RO AND JO’ is simply a short form of Rosannah and Joseph’s names. RO AND JO is a husband and wife team, that make unique canvas bags a everyday accessories, creating pieces of art that are wearable and useful!

Starting with plain white canvas, the fabric is painted with a fiber pigment, screen printed with homemade screens and sewn on a industrial sewing machine. Not only are they a fashion statement, the canvas bags are made for heavy duty every day use!

RO AND JO bags have rustic characteristics and are inspired by antiques and “old things” that are often overlooked or forgotten. RO AND JO see beauty in the imperfections and random paint designs. They see a correlation between their artwork and in individuals, in the way that each of their bags is different, unique and beautiful.


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