Every Ro and Jo product is 100% hand crafted- from the outer canvas to the smallest leather detail. Here is a short overview of the process that goes into creating each item.

 Step 1: The Concept

Each item begins with a design concept. The details for each bag design are mapped out for future reference. All designs are original.

Step 2: Preparing the Materials

Each bag begins with white canvas. First the canvas must be pre-washed to remove the sizing, allowing the paint to stick. The canvas is then painted with fibre pigments by using a squeegee and pushing the paint across the surface.  Unique textures such as walking on the fabric making boot prints or scrunching can be added while the paint is still wet. The lining for each bag is also individually painted or screen printed with stripes. Once the fabric is painted and dried, each piece of fabric needs to be heat set to bind the paint to the fabric. Some of the fabric goes through an additional process of being screen printed with a variety of designs and images. When the fabric is ready for use, it is cut into the required sizes.

Although the paint will not run if it gets wet and may be gently washed, if you want to clean your bag we do recommend dry cleaning, as intense soaps and scrubbing may affect the paint.

Step 3: Assembly

Once all of the pieces have been prepped, each item is individually sewn on an industrial sewing machine.

Step 4: Finishing

The finishing touches like grommets, buckles and hardware are added and the product is ready to for purchase.

Photographs by Katelin Neiman Photography